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Term 4 Week 10

Atlantis        Down by the Bay             Green Activities               The blind man can see

Jesus and his disciples

Discovery    Letter            Twenty ideas for walks             Gross Motor Activities

Monster Symmetry         Cut and Stick    Months      Days

Days writing practice        sh words        Confusing letters p & b

Enterprise      Letter

Enterprise Fractions Page

Sun safety reading activity    Summer Wordsearch    Summer reading activity

Crack the code

Challenger        Japan A    Japan B          VJ 1          VJ 2

Sudoku       Addition word problems      Subtraction to 10 codebreaker

Word Problems        Crack the Codes      Paper Aeroplane Pilots


Picture and Questions        BBQ          Beach          Birthday

Recipes        Blaine’s Tree Recipe      Mrs Purdie’s Lotus Biscoff Truffles

Salt Dough 1    Salt Dough 2    Edible Marshmallow Slime

Mazes          B      E      F      J       K

Art            Video        Activity 1        Activity 2

Ideas for Walks    Bread Experiment    Bubbles Colouring      Star Moments at Home