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About Our School

Westfield forms part of the Fraserburgh Community Schools Network (CSN) and the Fraserburgh Schools Cluster Group. Westfield is the first school to have a birth – 3 provision which opened summer 2013. This offers extended places to children from 6 weeks of age to 3 years old.

The school was opened in May, 1971 with five classrooms, an assembly hall, Technical and Home Economics rooms and a swimming pool. In September, 1977, three additional rooms were added.

However, the school has recently undergone extensive renovations following on from those that began early 2013. The building is a bright, cheery place to learn and work.

The school is divided into class areas to accommodate primary and secondary age children, enabling children of similar age and abilities to work together to meet the outcomes detailed in the “The Curriculum for Excellence”.

The school supports pupils from birth to post 16 with a range of needs from severe and complex additional support needs to more moderate learning needs.

At present we have a roll of 38 full time pupils and 2 part-time pupils. There are also 16 children in our 0-3 unit. Mrs Kerri Dalton is Head Teacher at Westfield.

Westfield School has 8.6 FTE teachers who provide a broad, balanced and stimulating learning experiences for pupils. They are supported by nursery nurses and pupil support assistants within the classrooms. We work in partnership with local primary schools, Fraserburgh Academy and NesCol.

There are specialist teachers and instructors who teach Music, Kodaly and Swimming.

The School Administrator, Clerical Assistant, Janitor, catering and cleaning staff complete the school staff.

Speech and Language therapists and Physiotherapists visit the school regularly to work specific children. Two Educational Psychologists work with the school.