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Our Values

Values-based schools aim to encourage pupils to become more aware of their capacity to determine their own behaviour in a positive way. Evidence indicates that the success of this is influenced by staff modelling the behaviour. The maintenance of positive attitudes gives affirmation and positive reinforcement to the pupils.

Our programme for learning about Values will include:
  • Introducing and reinforcing values in assemblies
  • A whole school ‘focus value’ for a few weeks
  • Regular Class and Small Group lessons on a Focus Value over the course of the term

A key aspect of ‘Values’ is the development of good quality relationships between staff, parents and pupils. At Westfield we recognise the vital importance of the role of families in educating children. The development of our values will be shared with parents through newsletters and parent’s evenings.

Our values are:
  • Cooperation
  • Responsibility (including Courage)
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Kindness/Thoughtfulness, Friendship/Togetherness
Cooperation is:
  • Helping one another
  • Working as a team
  • Working together with patience
  • Persevering together
Responsibility is:
  • Taking care of myself and others
  • Doing my share of the work
  • Having courage to make decisions
  • Being fair
Respect is:
  • Accepting myself and others
  • Knowing we are all different
  • Listening to others
  • Being understanding and open minded
Honesty is:
  • Telling the truth
  • Trust
  • Being true to yourself and to others
  • Being open and sincere
Kindness/Thoughtfulness, Friendship/Togetherness is:
  • Being helpful and considerate
  • Putting others first
  • Wanting good for others
  • Caring and sharing