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Class Challenger

Suggested Activities Summer Term

Week starting Monday 29th June 2020

Time Capsule

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Nature Walk        Indoor Hunt        Mastery Activity Cards

4 tables      Place Value      Number Partitioning      Rounding Mix Up

Nippon 3    Nippon 4

Nippon 1      Nippon 2

Count in tens    Life Skills Task     ***  Email with login info to be sent  Sumdog information

Rounding Video

Rounding rhyme      Rounding Garage     Round to 10    Round to 10/100    Round to 100

Mrs Strachan Letter        Flipbook Animation

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Design Brief    Design II            Japan Info    Japan Activity 1    Japan Activity 2

Mathopoly   Small Board    Big Board    Cards    Certificate    Score Board

Recipes   Cookies  Pancakes  Shortbread

Add to 20  Multiplication  Add to 50  Count in 10s  Halfway Numbers  Numicon to 20

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Acrostic Poem      Story      Japan Info      Japan Activity

Letter from Mrs Jack    Number Bonds    O’Clock Half Past  O’Clock Half Quarter

5 Minutes     Digital <-> Analogue    Converting Times    Train Times

Activities              Drawing

Mrs Jack  Activities       Addition 1       Addition 2     Number Bonds    Smell Challenge

Dice Game    Times Dice Game   Dice Games to play    Secret Code

Work from Mrs Buchan:  Japan Introduction  Japan Information  Japan Activity

Mrs Strachan would like you to chose another character  Literacy

Work from Mrs Buchan

Newsround Activity              Literacy

Note from Mrs Jack              Symmetry Video    Symmetry 1   Symmetry 2    Symmetry 3

Sandwich 1     Sandwich 2      Sandwich 3

Comp Card 2   Comp Card 6    Comp A   Comp B   Comp C